Your Personal A.I. Learning Assistant
Empowering Employees to Keep Up with the Pace of Change
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How Leading Organizations Empower their People with Personal A.I. Learning Assistants

Talent Development

Allocate and track professional development budget for employees

Employee Benefit

Attract and retain talent with personalized education as an employee benefit

Upskill and Advance

Empower employees to learn and grow their individual skills and abilities


  • Personal A.I. Learning Assistants

    Each Learning Assistant is powered by artificial intelligence that gets to know its owner's skills

    and gaps, and future learning needs recommending the perfect trainings at the perfect time

  • Stay Ahead

    Prevent skill obsolescence, and keep up with the pace of change

  • Engage and Grow

    Strengthen company culture

    Become an employer of choice



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  • Personal A.I. Learning Assistant
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$8 /mo/Employee
  • Personal A.I. Learning Assistants
  • Collaborative Co-learning and Sharing
  • Dashboard of Insights and Analytics